Unlockables are pieces of extra content rewarded for finding specific items in the game, or meeting certain

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A complete Unlockable Screen

criteria upon completing the singleplayer campaign. Below are a list of items that can be unlocked and how to unlock them.

Secret Room


The secret room on Chapter 1.

It can be unlocked after completing the mod once, it is the first door on the left when you see the black silhouette walk away in the very beginning of the game. Also, there is a secret room at the beginning of Chapter 6 - "It's not over yet". After the train crash, search around the wrecked red car. It looks like a big iron trapdoor, that leads to an old bunker. If you attempt to open the iron trapdoor in co-op, then your character will say that only Simon can open it.

Book Pages

  • The first page of the book is given upon collecting the Secret Book.
  • Grade System Explaination - Found at the entrance of Saxon Avenue. There is a blue van somewhere on the road, the page is hidden under it.
  • How to unlock Secret Items - Look the forest in Chapter 6. The page can be found in the clearing where Sawrunner attacks you and where you find the doorknob. The page is located in the left side of the field. (Do NOT pick up the doorknob, this will cause Sawrunner to chase you)
  • How to unlock hoodies - When going through the maintainence shafts in the Subway in Chapter 4 (when you get flares), get to the corridor that has 3 fans. The middle one is partially broken. Crawl through the broken part and look to your right. Head all the way down the corridor and the page is there.
  • How to unlock Secret weapons - After escaping the train crash in Chapter 6, go to the end of the bridge. On the right hand side there will be a red broken car with a door behind it. The page is to the left of the door.


Different outfits can be unlocked in the form of hoodies/full body reskins. By finding the hoodies ingame or meeting certain criteria afterwards they can be accessed in wardrobe while you are in one of the Secret Rooms.

  • Half Life Creations Hoodie - Can be picked up in a room at the Apartments in Chapter 1
  • Sick Simon Hoodie - Beat the game with Ending 4
  • Hello Kitty Hoodie - Press the Use key on the dead cat in the vents (In chapter 4) 5 times.
  • David Leatherhoff Hoodie - Beat the game with Ending 5
  • Twitcher Hoodie - Obtained by killing a twitcher with David Leatherhoff's axe in the "Heaven" level.
  • Mod DB Hoodie - Found on the kitchen counter of a apartment in Chapter 3 that you climb out to reach the rooftops.
  • Afraid of Monsters Hoodie - Inside the Harbor College in Chapter 4
  • Camo Hoodie - Beat the game with Ending 2
  • Black Metal Hoodie - Beat the game with Ending 1
  • Awesome Hoodie - Watch every ending at least once (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)
  • Team Psykskallar Hoodie - Beat the game with Ending 3
  • Custom Hoodie - Unlock all the other clothing (must complete game again after unlocking every outfit)


These weapons are overpowered/joke weapons not intended to be in the game for serious playthroughs and can be unlocked by finding specific items in game or meeting certain criteria upon singleplayer campaign completion. They can be found laid out on a table in both secret rooms of the game.

  • Camera - Unlocked by beating the game in under 2.5 hours. Patch 1.2 corrected a glitch where the player might obtain the camera without meeting the aforementioned requirement.
  • Simon's Book - Unlocked by beating the game in Nightmare mode and acquiring a S rank.
  • FAMAS - Unlocked by beating the game with any Ending/Ranking in Nightmare Mode.
  • David Leatherhoff's Axe - In "Heaven," go to the door that requires a code to enter (26-16-4-27-49-2-32-45-12-23). You will find the axe in that room. Use it on a twitcher once to obtain it as an unlockable.


There are other things that can be unlocked by doing certain things ingame or achieving a certain rank or ending. Any items in this category can also be found in the Secret Rooms.

  • Nightmare Mode - Unlocked by beating the game once on any difficulty
  • Doctor Mode - Unlocked by beating the game once on any difficulty
  • Secret Rooms - Unlocked by beating the game once on any difficulty
  • Hidden Package (Item) - Unlocked by beating the game on the 4th ending on any difficulty
  • Nightvision (Item) - Unlocked by beating Doctor Mode
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