Twitcher 2

One of the rare civilian twitcher variants

The Twitcher, popularly known as "zombies", are the main enemies in both the original Afraid of Monsters and the Director's cut. Twitchers come in a multitude of different styles including twitchers with lab coats, or twitchers with a missing head. They make a certain growling sound effect when the player is near. Its attacks include swinging it arms, using its head against the player or even biting the player. Most Variations are particularly fast, moving adeptly and in a fast twitching manner, hence their name (in original version however twitchers are slow just like headcrab zombies from Half-Life). Each twitcher also has its own unique stats, all having different range, attack damage, and health.

Twitchers are actually retextured and recoded zombies from the mod, They Hunger, as stated by the developer, Andreas Rönnberg[1]


There are a few variations of twitchers seen throughout the entire game (some of them appear only in Director's Cut):





The most common variation seen throughout the entire game, also has many different looks.

  • Entire Game


Another common variation, which is like the civilian but will attack the player in a crouching manner, also has many variations.

  • The Entire Game


An uncommon variation, which can be easily identified by their white coats.

  • Hospital
  • A very few parts of the City
  • Heaven

Construction Worker

An uncommon variation which can be identified by their hard hats.

  • One of hospital areas
  • City
  • One of forest areas


An uncommon variant that wears a trashbag on its head, it first appears as an hallucination, then as an enemy.

  • City (Alleyway)

Female Twitcher

The rarest Twitcher variant in the game, only encountered twice and hard to describe due to it's smashed face.

  • City


Appears only in the Director's Cut version, it looks like a civilian Twitcher but crawls with its arms and attacks with projectiles. It can also do a melee attack.

  • Hospital
  • Some parts of the City
  • Some parts of the Forest
  • Mansion
  • Heaven

Wheelchair Twitcher

A variant infamous for its rather intimidating appearance and manner of attacking. It makes a unique squeaking sound when moving and has very slow speed. Appears only in Director's Cut.

  • Hospital
  • Some parts of the City
  • Forest
  • Heaven Stage/ Ending 1-3

Neck - Bone

A horrifying variant, due to its appearance of having no head and it's neck bone slipping out.

  • City
  • Forest

Invisible Twitcher

Another rare variation, self-described, will only be encountered twice and makes a characteristic noise. The flashlight also follows its movements.

  • Mansion

Transparent Twitcher

An uncommon variation, it’s not fully opaque, most appear to be civilians and crouchers.

  • City (alternate route)
  • Heaven

Forest Twitcher

Shirtless, pale and has a horrifying look, this variation will often come in groups in attempt to swarm the player.

  • Forest
  • One of Mansion areas
  • Heaven

Twitcher Faces

Similar to the Invisible Twitcher, but only has a visible face. Encountered in forest, if player takes alternate route in the city. 

  • Forest (Apartment Route)

David Leatherhoff/ The Addiction

The true boss of the game, is David's own manifestation of his Addiction. Can only be hurt by the spear.

  • Fourth Ending/4mother


  • Andreas Rönnberg (ruMpel) has stated in a Developer Commentary that a common misconception in the game is that the twitchers are zombies, which they are not.
  • Forest twitchers (and also shirtless bag-head corpses encountered a few times in the game) are actually slightly modified model of the VALVe guy from scrapped Half-Life intro on game's engine.
  • Some twitcher models in Director's Cut have different design from twitcher models in original version of the mod.



One of the rare civilian twitcher variants.


The Bag-head, appearing as a hallucination

Female Twitcher...

Female Twitcher

Spitter Twitcher


You're Fucked...

Twitchers ambushing player in the subway.

Twitcher (close-up)

A one of common civilian twitcher variants.

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