The standard Slower3 variant. (Does not include green hair.)

This monster (Called the 'slower3' in the model files) is much more lethal than the average twitchers, being faster and stronger than its more common brethren. Initially rare to encounter but gradually becoming more and more common throughout the game, this creature eventually becomes one of the most frequently encountered enemies in Cry of Fear. What's interesting is that their heads are based on one of creepy dolls made by Shain Erin.

This creature has a second variant that only appears once in the game, appearing behind the player when they are grabbing a TMP in a corridor inside the TL Trading building. (It's a Glock if the player doesn't have donator features). This variant is called the 'Slowerno' in the model files, having three heads as opposed to one with multiple eyes.

When encountered in open areas, Slower3 Twitchers run about eratically. They soon make a beeline for Simon, and like their lesser ilk, swing a hammer rapidly at him, making a 'caw!!' sound. They do not have an alternative 'limping' animation--unlike the early Slower Twitchers--and so run at a constant pace, making them a harrowing menace even in open areas.

Fortunately, Slower3's do not 'twitch' their heads excessively, making them much more vulnerable to headshots. On Hard difficulty, two well-aimed handgun shots will kill a Slower3. Additionally, they can be 'stock-whipped' with the shotgun's alternate fire, which causes them to flinch for a couple seconds--letting you line up a lethal shotgun headshot, for an instant kill. Finally, a single pistol whip from the VP70, along with a single round of bullets to the head, can finish off a Slower3 very easily.

Slower3 first makes its appearance on the first floor of the Apartment, after encountering the dead man in the bathtub. It is extremely abundant in Waspet Garden, and makes many appearances inside the city, particularly in the construction area's Caves, at Saxxon Avenue after returning for the Subway's fuse, on Preston Road with the Tallers, on Ronald street on the way back to the Apartments, and behind the Apartment where the Stepladder is located--up until the end of Chapter 5 when the train crashes, after which they are replaced with the Maniac and Crazyrunner enemies for the majority of the game, before reappearing shortly in Kirkville in the last chapter of the game.

The Slower's Name can relate to Simon, as he is in a wheelchair he slower than everyone else.

The Slower's face bears an uncanny resemblance to Leatherface's mask from the horror series The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and was likely a reference to it.


The 'Slowerno' variant.