Human Flower

The Human Flower is a creature encountered in the Cry of Fear official single player campaign, and doctor mode. It is a writhing mass of flesh with multiple faces emerging from it, alongside one giant hand it uses to strike at the player. This monster is not exactly an enemy, but a large obstacle placed in the path of the player. It is invulnerable to regular means of damage and thus the player must find a way to either bypass it, or find alternative means of killing it.

Only two Human Flowers are encountered in the game, the first having emerged from a street in the city to block the players path. The player must take an alternate route around the creature, as getting too close will cause it to impale Simon on its arm and kill him instantly, dragging his corpse into its pit; likely to be absorbed into its mass. This same creature is also seen in doctor mode and must be avoided in the same fashion.

The second Human Flower is met in the subway at Saxon Avenue, having emerged from the ceiling of the tunnel the player must progress down. In order to continue on, Simon must activate the nearby train which will then run into the creature, killing it and allowing him to pass.

Developer commentary states that the creature was created to trick the player into thinking that a biological outbreak of some kind was the cause of the monsters, the Human Flower meant to be shown expanding across the city and 'assimilating' slowers-- some versions of the slower even having tendrils growing throughout their body.