The point where most people decide whether Cry of Fear is their type of game or not.

The Face, or Facehead, is one of the apparitions that haunt Simon's psyche. It is a giant bloody head with bulging eyes. It is unknown if the face has the rest of its body intact or is bodyless. It is encountered twice.

The first encounter is at the end of the first nightmare sequence. It will burst out of the dark and scream loudly, which wakes Simon up from the nightmare.

The second time, the Face can attack. Simon finds himself in a room lined with cages of Faceless, and the Face trapped by it's neck through a hole in the floor. It does not acknowledge Simon's presence in any way, and only continues to turn, stare and bite wildly, though it will hurt Simon if he touches it.

The Face's significance to Simon could be his fear of going insane due to how insane,creepy,and wild it is. It is at first very intimidating, but is later revealed to be insane, incapable of movement and completely helpless. The first appearance of the Face, as some people think, is meant to frighten the player but ii is actually hard to be killed by because it has no ranged attacks and can only bite.

The Face's second appearance. Bear in mind, it CAN harm you this time around.