The Addiction is the final boss of Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut. It appears to be a clone of David with the eyes gouged out, its face bloodied and pale, and a large hole in its chest. It is only found in the map: "4mother" after unlocking the Forgive Me door. Its name makes it an obvious personification of David's addiction to painkillers.

The Duel

After unlocking the door with the completed code (which spells out FORGIVE ME) David discovers a twisted version of Markland Hospital, consisting of hallways set up in various angles. Climbing his way through, he goes through another nightmare zone, where he finds a house with a painting showing him how to escape. On the table, there is a note, saying that "My mother used to point at things she wanted me to destroy.", and the said painting points at the ceiling. After cutting a hole in the ceiling, he climbs up to find an old attic. The next note says that "Now she is pointing at your enemy.", then a Twitcher breaks into the room and David kills it. Entering the hallway, he comes across a mirror, with another note saying "No, not the innocent, The enemy!". Reading this, David sees a twisted version of himself forming in the mirror. The apparition comes out of the mirror. David raises his weapon...

Fight the Addiction
The Addiction is at first invincible because hurting him is hurting yourself. He chases you to the final arena, there you will get the spear, the only weapon capable of damaging him.

His main attacks consists of striking David with an axe he pulls out of his body, launching electric bolts periodically and setting himself on fire. His "death" triggers the Ending #4 (considered the "Good" Ending by fans).

Cry of Fear

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poster (subway)

The Addiction is featured on the poster of a fictional movie called "Intimidated by Abnormalities", featuring Enrique Iglesias and Daniel Leatherhoff.

"Intimidated by Abnormalities" is obviously a play on words, meaning "Afraid of Monsters"