The Taller (canon name) is a giant enemy faced in Cry of Fear, which most likely represents Simon's potential and ambition from before the incident looking "down" on his current state after being crippled from the car accident. This monstrosity is a considerable threat to the player, but is easily avoidable. Due to their slow speed a quick player can simply sprint past a Taller without trouble, the option of standing and fighting doing nothing but wasting a large amount of the player's ammunition and time.

Getting close to a Taller is ill-advised, as the creature can easily kill Simon with little effort. The Taller will punch Simon if he gets too close, which will send the player flying and onto the ground where they will be immobilized. The Taller will then approach Simon while he is incapacitated and stomp on him, finishing him off brutally. It is possible to stand up after being hit by either clicking the mouse or pressing the jump key.

Note: Originally you could crouch in front of this enemy and attack the Taller without him attacking back. This was taken out when Patch 1.2 was released and you are now currently unable to do this.

Simons relation: The Taller could possibly represent how Simon feels about people that can walk. Like how they "whack" Simon, and walk and stomp on him. Since Simon is handicapped, He may feel everyone is "taller" than him because of his disabilities.