In Cry of Fear version 1.3, a series of maps were added. These maps are called cof_suicide1-4, and they compose a new mode added to the game.

In these maps, you play as 4 swedish police officers, given a P345 pistol and a nightstick, You have to kill as many enemies as you can to get the timer down so you can save Simon.

Suicide mode is a survival-based game mode in which enemies continuously spawn to kill the players. Players must survive until a timer displayed at the top of the screen reaches 0. The timer decreases naturally, however killing enemies will decrease the timer and will cause additional ammo to drop. Additionally, occasionally Simon will spawn in the map, freezing the timer until he is killed.

Enemies killed will reduce the timer as follows:

  • Sawcrazy: 60 seconds
  • Taller: 50 seconds
  • Flygare: 30 seconds
  • Simon: 12 seconds
  • All other enemies: 20 seconds

If the player or group fails to survive, having all died before the timer reaches 0, instead of a Game Over screen, it cuts to Simon in his wheelchair as he writes his book. He then stops writing, picks up the gun on his desk, examines it, puts it in his mouth and fires as the screen fades to black.

If a player or a group of players successfully survive, reducing the timer to 0, a cutscene shows the same two police officers who are shot dead in the single player's fourth ending breaking into Simon's apartment and save him from committing suicide. They arrest David Leatherhoff for hitting the man that Simon attempts to help in the very beginning, thus preventing Simon's collapse into insanity. A final cutscene shows Simon and Sophie walking hand-in-hand down a street, presumably dating.