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The Steam Greenlight Cover for Cry of Fear

On August 30, 2012, Team leader ruMpel added Cry of Fear to Steam Greenlight. Steam Greenlight is Valve's new approach to choosing which games the community would like to see available on steam- which primarily consists of Indie titles and modifications.

ruMpel currently plans for Cry of Fear to be released as a free title available on the Steam Store. Unlike the original release, the Steam release will be a Standalone game- it will not require Half-Life 1. The game will include 12 Custom Campaigns (As advertised in the MOTY 2012 Trailer), boasting an extra 6 hours of gameplay.

Unlockables from previous versions can be transfered to the Steam version. (Speculation) Saves may likely become incompatible, like in previous updates, due to map changes or simply version incompatibilities.

ruMpel has stated that he wanted Cry of Fear on Steam so it could be even easier for people to have access to the mod. He as also stated that Team Psykallar will "work harder" to release the game if they won the Moddb's 'Mod of the Year 2012' award.
Cry of Fear - MOTY 2012

Cry of Fear - MOTY 2012

Although most gameplay in the video appears the same as in previous versions, there is a part in the video where you see Simon climbing up a ladder with a Flare. Even in the most recent update, you cannot do this. (Speculation) This may be one of the many changes seen in the Steam Release.