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The Spitter Twitcher is a unique variant of the Twitcher that only appears in Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut. It has the general appearance of a Twitcher, but the head is crushed and stands upright with its arms instead of its legs which are curled up in the air.

It attacks consist of projectile vomiting white goo at the player at a distance, and if the player gets too close it will charge and strike the player for a moderate amount of damage.

It is often encountered in areas where the monster is at a long open distance away from the player and is able to spit.

Difficulty HP Spit Bite Whip
Easy 120 5 15 25
Medium 170 8 25 35
Hard 250 15 50 35


It is functionally similar and is a replacer of the Bullsquid from Half-Life.