Hangmen are monsters encountered in a maze faced during a nightmare sequence at the conclusion of Chapter 4 in Cry of Fear. It seems as if multiple Hangmen pursue Simon throughout the nightmare maze , though it is likely there is only meant to be one and multiple NPCs gives the game the feeling that the creature is relentlessly pursuing the player.

The creature does not follow Simon on its own free will, however; the hook suspending the monster upside down from the ceiling moving along "tracks" on the ceilings can lead to the creature being turned down another hall away from Simon's location.

Making contact with the creature will instantly kill the player, forcing them to try the maze again from the beginning. Once the player reaches the end of the maze, Simon falls to the ground mere feet from the door before the Hangman reaches him. Simon manages to get through the doorway and close it just before the creature finishes him, the nightmare ending and the Hangman having vanished with the maze the next time Simon opens the door.

It is worth noting that the idea for the creature was originally a design to be used in Afraid of Monsters 2, where the developers wanted a boss called 'The Hanger' that would pursue the player on a track system.