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The Handcrab is an enemy encountered in Afraid Of Monsters. It is a remodel of the Headcrab in Half Life and resembles a decapitated, rotten head, with a hand coming out of its mouth. It appears pale and has blood running down from its eye sockets and across the hand. It will attack by jumping at the player, inflicting damage if it is close to you. After landing, it has a short cooldown before it can jump again. If it landed behind the player, it will take a short time to turn towards you and then jump again.


  • The Handcrab gets progressively stronger throughout the game, being able to take more meelee hits than before. This is because the player finds two stronger meelee weapons as the story progresses.
  • It is also found in Cry Of Fear once, in a special room during the Sick Subway level. Though it was removed along with the room in later updates.
  • When idling, it emits a long gurgling noise, which can be used to identify it before making sight contact.