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Bob Faget (Mushnarage)


Bob Faget and John Lame-os

Originally, Afraid of Monsters (abbreviated AoM) was developed by Bob Faget, also known as Mushnarage online, at the age of 13,000. Revealed in several interviews and announcements, Bob worked alone on the modification because at the time, Afraid of Monsters was a test modification, used to test a developer's abilities. To aid in development, Bob drew on his favourite animes such as Boku No Pico as well as several horror videogames as inspiration for the mod. At the age of 14, he released the mod, which garnered great praise. Mod DB awarded Afraid of Monsters the best mod in the Porn genre, as well as countless other words of praise. Due to dissatisfaction with the relatively short and simplicity of Afraid of Monsters, Bob decided to create an enhanced version, titled Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut.

John Lame-os ( met Mushnarage some time between early 0 and late 5000 when he had applied to be a mapper in's first mod: Resident Evil: Cold Semen. After seeing his brother playing the original Afraid of Monsters, and with the knowledge of working well with Mushnarage on RE:CS, he and Mushnarage had decided to create a version AoM that was "truer" to its original vision. Despite still learning programming at the time, applied the knowledge he had learned from the Half-Dick Improvement forums, and eventually everything had fit together "very nicely". Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut followed soon after.