Simon Henriksson

Simon is a 19 year old male and the protagonist of Cry of Fear. He is an individual plagued with
COF Simon

The protagonist Simon

anxiety and depression, little being known about his school or home life - something his doctor notes are topics Simon refuses to discuss. It is known that Simon lives with his mother, no mention made of a father or other relatives. His only friend outside his home appears to be his friend Sophie, whom he harbors a secret interest in. His surname is apparently "Henriksson" because the name "Simon Henriksson" is the name on the Hidden Package.

Before the events of Cry of Fear, as witnessed in a cutscene, Simon was the victim of a hit and run wherein he was pinned to a building by a car whilst trying to help an injured man late at night. While he surprisingly survived the incident, he was crippled from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, subjecting him to further mental trauma which drove him into becoming reclusive and Bloodredrust.


The package with Simon's full name.

Doctor Purnell was assigned as Simon's psychiatrist following the accident, and he made the decision to recommend Simon try a new form of cognitive therapy. Simon was instructed to write a book on his feelings and emotions to get all the trauma out of his head. Simon set to work as instructed and the events of Cry of Fear begin - the events unfolding being a metaphorical depiction of Simon's mind and his battle to purge his inner demons whilst writing, the actions taken during the game showing how well the therapy works.

The Simon played as over the course of Cry of Fear is in fact a mental projection of Simon and what combats the trauma inside the real one's mind. The fate of both the Simons depends on what ending is unlocked due to the players actions.

In the first three endings of the game, there is slight variation on the fates of the other characters around Simon. The real Simon ending his own life is shown metaphorically in his mind as the projection Simon is subjected to another nightmare, forced to work his way to the real Simon still stuck in his wheelchair. A fight ensues that ends with the fake Simon mercilessly beating the real Simon unconscious before strangling him to death, killing himself in the process and ending the game with one of the first three endings.

Ending 1: This ending is unlocked if Simon spared the life of Carcass and refused to show trust in Doctor Purnell in the asylum. The therapy fails outright and Simon develops a deep hatred for the world around him, the book having a negative affect and setting him on the road to self-destruction. In spite for those around him, Simon murders the real Doctor Purnell in his apartment and butchers Sophie, putting her body in his bathtub. He then commits suicide following finishing his book, his body discovered by the police soon after.

Ending 2: This ending is unlocked if Simon spared the life of Carcass, but trusted Doctor Purnell and gave him the gun he requested. In this ending, Simon shows respect for Purnell and his efforts to help Simon - but ultimately believes it was futile, coming to the resolution that his life means nothing now. Due to the guilt caused by his issues with Sophie still existing due to Carcass being left alive, Simon is unable to leave her for someone else to have once he is gone and murders her in his home before committing suicide as the police arrive.

Ending 3: This ending is unlocked if Simon killed Carcass, but refused to give Doctor Purnell his gun. This is the opposite of the second ending, Simon having murdered Doctor Purnell like in the first ending but sparing Sophie due to the elimination of his guilt and attachment. Simon comes to regard Sophie as the only person who ever truly tried to help him and in his last statements before shooting himself, Simon requests that whoever reads his book spares her the horror of what happened to him.

Ending 4: The 'good ending' is unlocked by killing Carcass and trusting Doctor Purnell with the gun. In this ending, Simon did not murder anyone and does not commit suicide, instead being prevented from doing so by a psychosis induced hallucination where the fake Simon arrives. The real Simon works his way through another nightmare whilst in his wheelchair and engages his mental counterpart in a running gunfight, before eventually triumphing and shooting his own nightmarish visage to death - showing that he no longer needs it.

The psychosis ends and it is revealed that Simon did not really shoot his twisted self - but rather two police officers who were entering his room. Doctors testified that Simon was having a psychosis and although he feels great guilt for killing the officers, he is instead committed to a mental hospital for what is foreseeable to be the rest of his life. Doctor Purnell continues to act as Simon's counselor and mentor, a service he is grateful for. Sophie regularly visits Simon in the hospital when she is allowed, and although Simon makes note of the fact that she has found a new male friend, he wishes her nothing but the best.

Co-Op: Although the canon nature of the co-op ending is put into question in the Cry of Fear storyline, the campaign concludes with a scene of the police managing to reach the location where Simon was hit by the car prior to the events of the game just moments before Simon was hit. They arrest the driver and thus prevent Simon ever being crippled, preventing the events of the game entirely. A short a scene is then shown of Simon having apparently begun a relationship with Sophie walking down the sidewalk with her, holding hands.

Simon is voiced by Stig "DragonNOR" Sydtangen from ModDb.

Doctor Purnell


The mysterious doctor

Also known simply as 'The Doctor', Purnell is the main antagonist during the events of Cry of Fear alongside the abominations Simon is subjected to fighting. In reality is a psychiatrist, the Doctor Purnell witnessed during the events of the game a mere depiction of him in Simon's mind - his malicious and sadistic behavior mirroring Simon's potential view of Purnell as being an strange and untrustworthy man.

Following Simon's accident that confined him to a wheelchair, Purnell was hired as Simon's counselor to keep track of his mental progress due to the trauma he endured. Purnell notes that Simon is loath to speak of his personal life, refusing to comment on topics regarding his home or school life. Due to little success in their sessions, he recommends Simon try a form of cognitive therapy by writing a book to express his thoughts and emotions, to get them out of his head.

This suggestion leads to the events of the game, a depiction of Simon's mental struggle against his inner demons. A twisted version of Purnell in a gasmask is seen in this world, dropping false hints to Simon about a possible biological outbreak - the Doctor expressing belief that Simon isn't even real, and that everyone else around him is psychotic despite the fact he murders two individuals in cold blood.

Simon comes to believe that the Doctor is responsible for all of this and chases him to a mental asylum located deep in the forest, the Doctor eventually making contact with Simon and offering to open a gate for him in exchange for Simon handing over a pistol located in the asylum's bowling alley. The players choice decides what ending is unlocked - if the player gives Purnell the gun, he thanks Simon for his trust and gives him the key to the gate before loading the pistol and shooting him in the shoulder. If Simon refuses to give him the gun he expresses disappointment in Simon before tossing him the key anyways, shortly after still shooting him with his snub-nose revolver.

After the encounter by the gate, Simon pursues Purnell up to the attic of the asylum and engages him in a gunfight. The battle eventually ends in Simon's victory, the Doctor laying wounded on the ground before Simon approaches him and finishes him off by stomping on his face multiple times, crushing his skull in and destroying his mask.

Following the conclusion of the game, the ending unlocked decides the fate of the real Doctor Purnell. If Simon chose to not trust him with the gun, either Ending 1 or Ending 3 is unlocked - in which Simon murders Purnell in his apartment, regarding his attempts at helping him either to be done out of spite or simply to be useless, respectfully. But if Simon trusts him with the gun, Ending 2 or Ending 4 are unlocked.

In Ending 2 Simon commits suicide following his murder of Sophie and he openly states his apologies to Purnell in the final notes of his book, stating that not everyone can be saved. In Ending 4 Simon does not kill himself and is instead convicted to a mental hospital following a psychosis that causes him to accidentally shoot two police officers. Purnell then becomes Simon's official mentor in the asylum, working to bring Simon back to mental health - something that Simon is grateful for.

Upon completing the game in any ending will unlock "Doctor Mode". You play as Doctor Purnell, armed with a snub-nose revolver and equipped with a nightvision built-in gasmask. He will have to battle through armies of monsters created by Simon's mind in order to get into the apartment which Simon lives in, to destroy the book Simon has written.

He is voiced by Lasse "BerZerK89" Holmen from ModDB.




Sophie is a close friend of Simon's from school and is Simon's hidden love intrest. How Simon met her is never specifically stated, but Sophie states that she always had problems at school - hinting she was a victim of bullying by others, and that Simon was the only boy who was kind to her.

Although Simon states his love for her, Sophie does not seem to fully return those feelings, stating she regards him as a good friend, and nothing beyond that. Despite this, it appears that at some point before the events of Cry of Fear, the real Simon confessed his true nature to Sophie shortly before his accident - but she rejected him. This caused him to suffer grief, likely leading to the creation of Carcass in his mind, the monster serving as an incarnation of Simon's accumulated guilt and sorrow.

During the events of the game whilst Simon's mental projection works his way through what he perceives to be a city swarmed with monsters, a depiction of Sophie in Simon's mind contacts him and asks to meet him on a nearby rooftop. Simon meets her there soon after where she expresses shock at Simon's statements regarding monsters, claiming she has no idea what he is describing.

The two have a short conversation on the rooftops where Simon once more tries to confess his feelings to her - though he is once again only met with denial due to her regarding him as a friend. Shortly after the conversation begins to draw to a close, Sophie expresses her desire to get away from everything around them. Simon fails to understand her meaning, before she abruptly walks over the edge of the rooftop and commits suicide, dying on the pavement below. The act can be seen as a metaphorical representation of how Simon's mind perceives her turning her back on him, her death causing as much grief to Simon as her denying him in the real world. This causes Carcass to appear and Simon can either chose to flee the creature and let the guilt fester, or kill it and end his sorrow for Sophie once and for all.

The fate of the real Sophie is decided in the ending of the game. If Carcass was left alive, then either Ending 1 or Ending 2 are unlocked, both endings showing that Simon murdered Sophie and stashed her body away amongst a large amount of blood in his bathtub before killing himself. But if Carcass is killed, then either Ending 3 or Ending 4 are accessed.

In Ending 3 Simon murders Doctor Purnell before killing himself, though he continues to show great appreciation for Sophie's efforts to help him and in his final notes he requests that whoever reads his book spares her having to know what truly happened to him. In Ending 4, Simon is prevented from committing suicide and following his entry into a mental hospital following the accidental murder of two police officers, Sophie continues to regularly visit him for support. Simon states that although she pretends what has happened to him has done little to hurt her, he can see a great deal of pain in her eyes when she's with him. This likely led her to find a new male friend to be with, Simon hinting she is in a relationship with him.

The canonical status of the co-op campaign is questioned, though the ending offers a different take on the story. In the ending, the Swedish police manage to prevent Simon from ever being crippled prior to the events of the game, causing none of the occurrences to ever take place. After Simon is saved a short scene plays showing that Simon and Sophie have apparently begun a relationship and are seen walking down the sidewalk together,holding hands, apparently in an relationship.

She is voiced by Aina Hatlevik.


The cops are members of the Swedish police force and serve as
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the protagonists of the co-op campaign. After becoming interested in Simon's case and reading his book, they eventually become sucked into the world his book created and begin a journey to prevent the events of Cry of Fear from ever occuring by preventing Simon's crippling accident.

They are voiced by Ian "Dr.Doozer" Wiese.

David Leatherhoff

After the Secret 5th Ending, it is revealed (albeit noncanon) that it was David Leatherhoff who ranover Simon. After Simon has a nightmare similar to that of David Leatherhoff's, he wakes up to find out he was ran over by David. In a strange scene, it appears that Simon knows David. David apologizes for running over Simon, "Sorry man, I'm fucking stoned.", to which Simon threatens "Oh you're gonna regret this! You're gonna regret this big time!". From there, David runs away, as Simon demands that he comes back.