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You do drugs

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The Markland Hospital

David Leatherhoff was a man addicted to a new painkiller from an 'unidentified' company

A twitcher seen during the game

In a few days,he started to have bad nightmares and started to see things he has never seen in the real world.

he then expriences something that was disturbing and was not right,he started to see disturbing creatures,in another few days,he headed to the bathroom,he wanted to get more of the painkillers,he then finds the disturbing creatures,he needed to do something.

The game ends depending on what you did when you went in those directions

<u>Alternate Endings

3 bad endings 1 good ending, you need to play this 3 times to look for hidden notes/pages in the game which spells out FORGIVE ME

Ending 1 - David wakes up in a house,the camera then cuts to corpses of dead people,David then realizes,the things he had been killing were infact,innocent people,David was then arrested

Ending 2 - David was interviewed by an Police Officer,in a few moments,he enrages

Ending 3 - One of the guards was reading a newspaper that read:"Killer claims over 20 lives",he then walks to David's cell,David commited suicide by hanging himself while inside the cell

Ending 4 -


Upon release, AoM:DC garnered even more praise than its other version, Afraid of Monsters (Original). Very rarely did it receive negative feedback, of which mostly had to do with the accessibility and questionable usefulness of the in-game flashlight, the use of cutscenes and the repetitive nature of the game on some occasions.


  • The Standard newspaper that guard/policeman can be seen reading in Ending 3 actually exists, but only in Kenya, which means the game takes place in Kenya.
  • Also, newspaper mentions 27 victims, even though it is certain that there were much more "monsters" David killed durning his nightmare/hallucination trip, even if talking about Twitchers only, which shows that ruMpel has great attention to detail.
  • Viewing a model of hanged David in game files, or getting in the cell using a bug which involves entering no-clip before entering bright white door in Heaven, reveals that his eyes are gouged out and he has word "DEAD" written or carved on his mouth in black, with his skin being slightly yellowish. It is unknown if this is just some sort of creepy Easter egg, or he actually mutilated himself before committing suicide.
  • Durning one of the Sven Co-Op games, Andreas revealed that there were supposed to be a boss encounter durning the boat trip on the lake in the forest, also him and James even already modelled and animated the boss, and were about to code it, but it got scrapped, because they didn't know how the player would encounter it, since the boat cannot be controlled manually, like you would know this, as this can be referring to a time from years back.
  • Corpses of people seen during the game if the player takes an alternate route in the city, and in Ending 1 are taken from an other Half-Life mod.